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Water Situation

While water-based conflicts at the local level are a recurring feature in Darfur’s history, over time, the region’s various communities have developed mechanisms on how water can be shared using traditional methods. However, in the early 1970s, the role of local traditional leaders, like the Sheikhs, Omdas, and Shartais, who were key in managing such… Read More

Conference Resources

Coordination structures, available capacity and gaps in WASH sector: The WASH Sector in north Sudan consists of about 40 partners, including the Government, international and national NGOs, UN Agencies, and donors. The Government leads the Sector co-led by UNICEF. The Government has a 7-year Strategic Sector Plan for the WASH Sector in the country and… Read More

Water Safety in the Sudan

Most of Sudan’s currently accessible underground water is shared with surrounding countries . Sudan utilizes part of the Nile River Basin, but its use is not regulated or maintained by the government. This unrestrained use of shared water, mostly for irrigation and energy, creates tension with neighboring countries like Egypt and Ethiopia. The United Nations… Read More

Security Issues in Darfur

In recent months, the situation on the ground in Darfur has continued to deteriorate. Though many of us had held out hope that the government and rebels would be able to find some middle ground and work out least a cursory peace accord, it seems it’s no longer a realistic outcome. Recently the United Nations… Read More

Non-Water Challenges in Darfur

Although water security is arguably the biggest threat to the ongoing stability of Darfur and the surrounding regions, nothing exists in a vacuum, and there are of course other factors influencing the area. The civil war that blazed to life in 2003 has continued, virtually unabated, for over a decade. With over 300,000 dead and… Read More

UN Announces Support For Water Conference

We were very pleased to hear today that the UN is making a public stand on the vitally important task of replenishing and protecting the supply of sustainable water supplies to Darfur. Their support of the conference significantly increases our chances of achieving our key outcomes – supplying water to the population, in a secure,… Read More

The Ongoing Pressure of Water Insecurity

Water insecurity is one of the biggest causes of conflict in modern-day Darfur. With over 2.5 million people in refugee camps, living in very close quarters with many other people who need water just as much, people are liable to make irrational or risky decisions to secure their share. Drought conditions are unpredictable, and the… Read More

International Recognition of Links Between Water Supply and Security

The link between water and peace inspired the AU-UN peacekeeping mission (UNAMID) to collaborate with Sudan water officials and UN country team members UNICEF, UNDP, UNESCO and UNEP to organize the Water Conference. The Government’s pledge was announced by Presidential Advisor Ghazi Salahaldeen who added that “The Government is committed to preparing an environment suitable… Read More

International Commitments to Stable Water Supply For Darfur

International Water Conference attracts commitments to stable water supply for development and peace in Darfur KHARTOUM, 28 June 2011— The Government of Sudan and major donors and organizations expressed their intention to make significant pledges to the global appeal  launched at the Darfur International Conference on Water for Sustainable Peace held 27-28 June in Khartoum.… Read More